Attorney Speaker Packaging & Booking

Speaking Engagements for Law Practice Development

At every legal, business, political, or other gathering one or a few experts are onstage while scores, hundreds or thousands are in the audience. This is the most literal meaning of the word “platform” and if you have attended some of those events you know the people with stage time are celebrities (in the good sense of the word rather than the Paris Hilton type) throughout the conference and remembered thereafter.

The Elite Lawyer Management team knows that strategic speaking engagements are one of the best law practice development and brand-building activities any lawyer can undertake. When a speaker takes the stage, there is already a presumption of expertise and a well-executed presentation solidifies and expands the perception of that speaker as a thought leader. We package ELM client lawyers for the speaking circuit, help define and refine their message, and serve as booking agents.

Practice Building Speaking Venues for Lawyers

Public speaking engagements at strategic venues attracts clients and supports the thought leader ethos Elite Lawyer Management attorney branding, PR, and marketing experts create for our clients. We also make certain ELM clients do not waste time presenting at the non-strategic events most attorneys seem driven to pursue.

Attorneys who are in the profession’s top twenty percent, but are not among the elite one percent (Elite Lawyer Management’s specialty), focus on speaking at legal conferences. Unless an attorney’s practice is based primarily on inbound referrals, these engagements are nothing more than “preaching to the choir” and educating the competition. We book our clients at trade, industry, or public events populated by high-potential clients.

Examples might be an Intellectual Property Lawyer speaking at an American Bar Association IP section conference vs keynoting a national food products or technology conference on how to protect tech assets and avoid litigation; or a divorce lawyer speaking at a gathering of Family Law specialists vs entertaining and informing a state Republican women’s luncheon audience.

Speaking Presentation Topic Selection

In our experience, attorneys who have spent years developing a somewhat narrow expertise insist on sharing this focused information, which although valuable for certain audiences, can be yawn-inducing to the above-defined correct audience. These lawyer speakers are rarely invited for return engagements and are never suggested as speakers for future events.

Although a marital dissolution attorney might be an expert in the valuation of closely held family businesses and thereby maximizing the value to be realized for their clients, that topic would pale in comparison to a presentation entitled Nail the Bastard given at an annual conference of a statewide networking group of professional women. Tone down this extreme example a bit for corporate attorneys but the principle is the same.

The Elite Lawyer Management team helps define a strategic topic (and title) and provides the message development to support the law practice growth aspects of the engagement.

Developing a Lawyer’s Speaking Style

Lawyers have a bad reputation as speakers and deservedly so. Think about it. Would you rather attend a luncheon with an attorney speaker (picture a staid suited professional with a PowerPoint presentation who wants to fill the 40 minute engagement with as much information as possible) or see a 20-minute TED Talks style presentation: a great narrative that illustrates a key point or two, delivers actionable content, and makes you want to learn more about the subject and the speaker.

Elite Lawyer Management has reverse engineered the TED Talks style and we can apply it to even the most technical of legal specialties in a way that brings even complex data to life and engages an audience. A weekend conference might offer 20 speakers, 3 will be good, 1 will be exceptional, remembered and sought after for months or years. The lawyers Elite Lawyer Management represents are at least one of the three, but more often the one you remember.

Our clients win speaking opportunities because we combine our bookers’ efforts with our publicity function where we capture media attention that, when combined with a well-reviewed nonfiction book and a professional speaking reel present Elite Lawyer Management clients in a compelling and competitive manner.

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