Attorney & Law Firm Branding

Lawyer Branding – Packaging & Presenting Legal Expertise

A well-defined and focused professional brand is the necessary foundation of every successful attorney’s career and yet Branding is possibly the most misunderstood term in the legal services marketing field. Some say it’s packaging a lawyer as a product while others say branding is about creating thought leadership. At Elite Lawyer Management we believe both are true.

Elite Lawyer Management attorney branding experts know that a well branded lawyer is a strategic combination of all both concepts: well packaged legal expertise and establishing yourself as a high visibility influencer who maintains an outbound commentary & education platform using social media, traditional media, and in-person connections.

Personal Branding for Lawyers: The Product Analogy

Powerfully branded lawyers dominate the top ranks of the legal profession in exactly the same manner as do leading products: consider Coke, Gerry Spence, the iPhone, Robert Shapiro, Porsche, and Gloria Allred. All have consistent, focused, differentiated brands that immediately evoke a specific image, message, and perception.

Elite Lawyer Management experts package client attorneys’ expertise to present their best authentic image and message for amazing career success. The packaging element of branding in the legal field is an immense value differentiator – it’s why we buy a Rolex watch for a spouse, it’s why top tier law firms (“top tier” in the ELM world isn’t defined by size) command geometrically higher fees than unknowns with identical capabilities, and it’s why lawyer Nancy Grace has a successful television show.

Elite Branded Lawyers: Thought Leadership

Elite Lawyer Management client attorneys are recognized thought leaders – another term like branding that is often misunderstood – in their specialty areas. Thought leadership is about developing your reputation as a very visible and trusted influencer; a go-to person who is a recognized authority and whose expertise is frequently sought out.

We help lawyers evolve as thought leaders, an important part of our professional branding process focused on enhancing your reputation in a thoroughly authentic manner. Thought leadership in the legal arena means more than becoming a trusted authority in your focus and specialty area but also – and here is a powerful business development opportunity – a recognized expert within communities of your prospective clients.

Social Media and Traditional Media to Connect

We know a well branded lawyer, an authentic thought leader, when we see them but it is important to note that we learn about them from their internal – within the legal profession – and external communication and media coverage. Thought leaders use appropriate social and traditional media platforms to provide commentary on news of the day or social trends, to share information helpful to their social audience, and through this process change the way people think or act.

Elite Lawyer Management branding experts help lawyers define and focus their professional brand then evolve that brand to get people talking about you and in turn sharing your expertise and opinions with others.

Experienced lawyers and high potential associates find Elite Lawyer Management an effective alternative to generic legal services marketing. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your career possibilities.

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