Literary (Book) Agents for Lawyer Authors

The Author Attorney Competitive Advantage

The Elite Lawyer Management team knows that America has a love affair with experts – they are elevated to a higher social status. For a lawyer, a legitimate book deal (as opposed to self-publishing) delivers expert standing like nothing else. In fact writing and launching a nonfiction book is one of the fastest ways to position an attorney as a thought leader in their field.

Self-publishing has an amateur stigma so the Elite Lawyer Management publishing team and literary agents work with our clients to develop a content, title, and marketing plan than wins mainstream publishers’ attention – every time.

Attorneys Writing for Target Clients AND Influencers

The Elite Lawyer Management book development process begins by defining and profiling an attorney’s target clientele. We work with you to determine what information, within your expertise (or ability to research), would be most valuable to that target base as well as to an expanded audience including the media.

From that process we derive a compelling title, a marketing tool in itself both for the book and also for an attorney’s law practice, a strategic table of contents, and rough content outline. From this package we develop a publishing outreach and strategy. In most cases, books we develop in this manner win a book deal with an established non-fiction publisher, avoiding the limitations of legal publishers and/or self-publishing.

A Nonfiction Book in 90 Days

Over the years working with some very efficient nonfiction authors, including multiple New York Times and Amazon bestselling writers, we have distilled a process where even the busiest attorney can turn out a 60,000 word manuscript in about 90 days – painlessly. Suddenly the book you’ve been planning for years becomes quite doable and you’re motivated to get it done because a publisher awaits.

Speed to market, while maintaining quality content, is important to your practice development efforts so our in-house editors refine the content with input from our attorney PR and lawyer branding teams to assure that the book, when published, can be leveraged into more media attention, more speaking engagements, and more qualified clients.

We have a preferred arrangement with a mainstream publisher that will publish an ELM developed book because they know our authors are well packaged, the books are designed for marketability, and our publicity team will keep our media trained authors, and their book, in the media which generates book sales (and author royalties) and more visibility.

Attorneys with Author Status

Elite Lawyer Management author attorneys’ clients stay loyal because they love the bragging rights and differentiation that comes with retaining, “The Lawyer Who Wrote the Book” while prospective clients seek out the best possible lawyer for their needs – the one with Author Status.

If you have an interest in becoming a bestselling author, we’ve had several recently, and learning how our process can help you write a powerful practice-building book in about 90 days, we would enjoy discussing your possibilities. Book development and winning publishing deals are just two more elements of the synergistic process Elite Lawyer Management uses to help lawyers elevate their practice, marketability, and income beyond their competition.

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