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Small Law Firm PR & Promotion

The Solo Practice Lawyer Marketing Advantage

Elite Lawyer Management offers a paradigm shift for marketing the small (in terms of numbers of lawyers) law practice. We see too many solo practitioners relegated to the sidelines because they are frustrated at the competing demands of short term income maximization and the pressure to attract new clients.

The Elite Lawyer Management team and process eliminates the conundrum by applying entrepreneurial leverage principles to help solo practice leaders out-market their larger and better funded competitors. Here’s the theme: we package, promote and publicize the solo practice leader in two or three specialty areas (again using the term specialty with its common definition rather than as a Bar association construct), use our proprietary PR for lawyers methodology to put our clients in the news while their larger competitors spend insane amounts of money on advertising online and off.

The result? People elevate lawyers they see in the news to a position above their competitors and definitely, when Lawyer A has a full page advertisement or a Google AdWords placement and Lawyer B (the Elite Lawyer Management client in this scenario) is featured on the front page of the business section of the local newspaper or on the local morning television show, Lawyer B has vastly more credibility. Office or staff size are much less relevant because it’s a fact of American society that we all want to hire the lawyer in the news. The ELM attorney PR team plays this strategic advantage in favor of our small law firm clients with extraordinary results.

Elite Lawyer Management’s Small Law Office Marketing Mosaic

Our attorneys evolve into highly visible professional brands that attract great clients, are constantly in the media (attorney PR efforts) and onstage, and enjoy increased professional income, credibility and collateral income opportunities from speaking, book deals, and other profitable activities.

Elite Lawyer Management clients know that attorney career management and legal services marketing are not their specialties; they practice law at the highest levels and seek out experts with their own specific expertise in attorney branding, lawyer PR, law office websites, speaker booking, media training specifically designed for lawyers and their clients, legal services marketing, and law practice development.

The ELM team focuses on our clients’ career success with experts in each of these areas led by professionals with deep experience working in small entrepreneurial law practice settings.

Small Law Firm Leaders Can/Should Join the Elite 1%

In every city and state there is an elite group of attorneys who are regarded with professional awe, attract the best clients, command the highest fees, maintain a constant stream of inbound/outbound referrals, draw positive media attention, get book deals and high-visibility speaking engagements, and otherwise dominate the landscape.

Making those things happen surprisingly quickly is what Elite Lawyer Management is all about. The ELM team has the skills to propel attorneys’ careers in a small law office environment without disrupting the busy practice schedules of experienced small law firm leaders.

Elite Lawyer Management represented attorneys become client magnets and enjoy continuous upward career and income momentum. If you meet our experience qualification and are interested in raising your visibility, joining the well-compensated ranks of professional speakers, winning a book deal, taking your practice to the next level (actually the level beyond that one), and otherwise enhancing your professional brand and income, give us a call for a confidential discussion of your possibilities.

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