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Elite Lawyer Management Services

A Law Firm Marketing, Publicity and Branding Agency

Elite Lawyer Management is America’s only national legal talent promotion and attorney PR agency. We represent some of America’s best lawyers covering specialties ranging from criminal defense to False Claims Act counsel. Our lawyer PR, legal services branding, attorney website, law firm marketing, and speaker booking experts and literary agents provide the following services for experienced professionals a la carte or as an all-inclusive ELM Agency package:

Elite Lawyer Management Builds & Supports National Brands

ELM clients are based throughout the United States and Canada. The common thread is that all know that an attorney’s professional platform can extend beyond their immediate geographic area (even if their clients are principally local), often well beyond the state boundaries where they are licensed.

While some of America’s best lawyers office in secondary locations their books are available at national bookstore chains, they provide expert commentary for national media (there are satellite feed studios in most metros), their online presence (website, social media presence…) is by definition national and global, and they speak at venues as geographically diverse as the U.S. Virgin Islands, New York City, or Silicon Valley. They appear Pro Hoc in courts wherever clients need them.

Law practice is a lot more satisfying when you’re not bound by a self-imposed geographic manacle. In fact, for experienced lawyers, it’s easier to become a regional or national brand than to differentiate your practice in a noisy, cluttered and competitive local landscape. You might practice locally but as a nationally, or at least regionally, recognized attorney brand you are a fearsome local competitor.

Further, high visibility lawyers attract inbound referrals from a broader geographic landscape and are called upon for referrals in other cities and specialties, both important additional income sources. ELM lawyers embrace and capture the opportunities a nationally branded and promoted lawyer enjoys.

Elite Lawyer Management Service Packages

While most attorneys connect with Elite Lawyer Management for our all-inclusive ELM Agency support and services package, some law firms reach out to us for focused and tactical short term engagements. Some want to productize and launch a specialty practice while others seek to capture and leverage media attention for a big verdict, high profile case, or quickly capitalize on a unique opportunity in the market.

For experienced attorneys and a limited number of high potential associates, Elite Lawyer Management is an effective alternative to traditional legal services marketing offerings. If you are interested in a more successful and satisfying law practice and professional life, we look forward to discussing your possibilities.

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