Elite Lawyer Management Client Profiles

We brand, manage, publicize, and
promote extraordinary individual lawyers,
small and mid-size law firms, and
specialty practice groups.

Our clients are based throughout the United States including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, Washington DC and Pennsylvania to name a few locations.

Our individual lawyers typically have 7 or more years of legal experience and have achieved a measure of professional success to where they are clearly within the top 20 percent of attorneys in their focus area, both geographic and by legal specialty.

We elevate these attorneys to the elite 1% because the distinction between the top 20% and the one percent is a branding and promotion X factor and creating and maintaining that X factor is OUR specialty.

We elevate lawyers in the leading 20% in Terms of Talent and Success to the
Elite 1% of their specialty - often nationwide.

Your best clients come by referral or word-of-mouth reputation in the right places,
not from advertising. Our process opens this world for your law practice.

In addition to working with individual lawyers, our work (and their legal talent) helps small and mid-size law firms differentiate and elevate their legal services and highly talented lawyers to out-compete larger and/or better funded competitors.

If you are frustrated by the competing demands of practicing law and constantly building your client base, perhaps Elite Lawyer Management is your answer. You practice law - we handle all or a suitable mix of the public relations, branding, marketing (online and off), PR, and business development.

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America’s Elite Attorneys Have Publicists,
Branding Experts, Business Development Advisors and
Legal Marketing Specialists - Should You?

Every legal specialty from divorce to intellectual property, has its rock star attorneys and Alpha brand legal practices -as does every geographic location. These professionals are more than just solid lawyers who competently do what they promise. They are more visible, more successful, and to their prospective and existing clients - more valuable and credible.

Elite Lawyer Management serves:

  • Individual Lawyers
  • Small & Mid-size Law Firms
  • Specialty Groups in Large Firms

On our client roster are:

  • Lawyers at the forefront of legal services in new or expanding industries such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, AI, pharma and others.

    We help identify underserved new niches that match your interests and talents, then implement a strategy to dominate those focus areas.

  • Attorneys on the cutting edge of traditional specialties including employment law, healthcare, class actions, qui tam lawsuits, securities, insurance, civil rights, matrimonial, criminal defense, banking, intellectual property, construction, serious injury, and other exciting legal specialties.

    We help client firms and individual lawyers with a proactive continuous campaign to capture market share while the legacy firms rest on their laurels.

  • Legitimately nice, diplomatic, and well-spoken (Really, these are requirements and universally true throughout our client roster) attorneys. They readily refer cases amongst our attorneys and develop powerful professional alliances.

    An astounding amount of this happens within our client list - 2019 to 2020 referrals exceeded $500 million in case value.

  • Exceptional lawyers who practice law for the right reasons and they enjoy practicing at an elite level enabled by a stream of inbound quality clients and cases that our firm makes happen.

We love what we do, so do our clients. We are extraordinarily good at each of our specialties and our clients see the results. Lawyers and firms stay with us for years. We enjoy our success and work tirelessly for yours.

Learn Your True Law Practice Potential and How We Will Help Capture It.

We Limit Our Client Roster to
Non-Competing Attorneys & Practices

Elite Lawyer Management does not represent competing lawyers or law practices and we define "competing" very broadly.

Examples of our expanded definition of "competing" might include:

  • If we represent a Green Energy M&A attorney in New York, we would not take on another Green Energy mergers and acquisitions lawyer in California, Florida, Texas, or really anywhere in the United States.

    In our world there is room for only one such lawyer, firm, or specialty practice to take the #1 spot - nationwide, and that is one specialty that crosses all borders and isn't limited to New York.

  • We would see a San Francisco divorce lawyer as competing brand-wise with lawyers not only throughout California from Sacramento to Monterey to Los Angeles and Orange County, and down to San Diego but also as, if we do our job correctly, competitive brand-wise with divorce lawyers in Arizona, Nevada, and other western states.

    In fact it's easier to create a broad geographic brand (which in turn dominates local competition) than to compete locally for limited press attention and differentiation options. You can always refer out the additional business which would lead to reciprocal referrals.

  • If we serve a Miami, Florida personal injury, wrongful death, product defect law firm, it's likely we would not take on a "competing" firm in Florida, Georgia or probably elsewhere in the Southeast. While you wouldn't think a Jacksonville, Tampa, or other Florida serious injury lawyer would be competing for clients in all these cities - our agency is focused on expanded geographic footprints.

    A $5 or $10 million tbi case in Tampa is valuable for a Miami law firm and a big branded Florida law firm can out-compete local Tampa firms. A seriously big brand (we create these) could also attract Atlanta, Georgia big injury cases which the FL firm could co-counsel or refer to monetize the opportunity.

We Focus on Expanding our Clients’ Footprints to Assure they
Surpass Their Competitors’ Visibility and Brand Power.

As such, we will not represent their competitors.

Recent Elite Lawyer Management Client Successes

You know from the above descriptions we do elite legal marketing, branding, premium public relations and such for individual lawyers, small to mid-size law firms, and specialty practice groups in mega firms - but, what are the results beyond the expected?

A few recent examples:

  • A small False Claims Act qui tam law firm had a $122 million win last week, an exceptional victory in the healthcare field but modest compared to some of their other victories including a $16 billion record setting settlement.

  • A civil rights and criminal defense lawyer's recent case was featured on Dateline last month, earning an Emmy nomination last week. High visibility for the lawyer but now somewhat standard among his 400+ press mentions from the New York Times to People magazine.

  • Two clients have launched mainstream books over the last 9 months, both hitting the Amazon bestseller list and receiving great reviews. High credibility for each of them as they join many of our other clients with similar publishing accomplishments.

  • A modest size law firm with a national practice gains most clients from their online presence. During our time together we have quadrupled their web traffic while improving the quality of prospects generated. A bestseller is also in the works.

  • A trial boutique just delivered a record setting jury verdict for an injured oilfield worker, another had a $300 million verdict affirmed on appeal and this list is far from exhaustive - merely some examples of very current outcomes.

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Elite Lawyer ManagementSM lawyers in New York, California, Texas, Washington DC, and in all 50 states and Canada. As America’s only national legal talent reps we help law firms, however modest in size, evolve into national and international brands. That is how our attorneys in areas like DC, Texas, California, New York, Connecticut, and Florida compete so powerfully in highly competitive legal markets. Our clients: Criminal, Family Law, Tax, Personal Injury, Immigration, Environmental, Business, Real Estate, False Claims Act, Class Action, Products Liability, Civil Rights, Securities, and all other specialties.