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Large Firm Lawyers

Overcome Big Law’s Rainmaking Challenges

Elite Lawyer Management helps very successful individual shareholders at large law firms maintain and grow their dominant practice position both within and outside of the firm. We also help newer but experienced large firm attorneys who are frustrated at the competing demands of short term billing maximization and the pressure to attract new clients without stepping on the toes of any other firm office or otherwise drawing the ire of national, regional, or local marketing officers or managing partners.

Most lawyers rise gradually in the big firm hierarchy counting on enough serendipitous new clients and by avoiding the pitfalls characteristic of big law’s structure, personalities, and politics. Elite Lawyer Management clients take the fast track and that’s when a career at Big Law becomes professionally satisfying, financially very rewarding, and quite enjoyable.

Elite Lawyer Management Clients Stand Out

In every firm there is an elite 1% who are regarded with professional awe, attract the best clients, command the highest fees, maintain a constant stream of inbound/outbound referrals, draw positive media attention, get book deals and high-visibility speaking engagements, and otherwise dominate the firm landscape.

Making those things happen surprisingly quickly is what we do and we know how to propel attorneys’ careers in this environment without disrupting the always stifling rules and realities of the big firm structure.

The Elite Lawyer Management Career Accelerator

Elite Lawyer Management represented attorneys become client magnets, generate extraordinary firm billings, and enjoy continuous upward career momentum. Their high visibility successes trump the jealousies, territoriality, and politics characteristic of every large law firm. Our clients contribute heavily to firm success and they do it within the rules.

Our lawyers never have to “sell” their services, compete on any sort of fee basis, and they are always in demand. What is their secret? The proven mix of branding professional expertise, strategic speaking engagements, focused publicity a tactical online presence, and other proprietary ELM tools, techniques, and technologies that package and empower a powerful authentic differentiated professional.

We know how to brand and promote the expertise of individual large law firm attorneys in every specialty: intellectual property, product liability, antitrust, class actions, environmental law and the rest.

Elite Lawyer Management Client Attorney Results

The Elite Lawyer Management process is part art, part science and always effective at catapulting an experienced lawyer past his in-house and legal industry competitors. The result: A powerful (and portable) professional brand that attracts new clients, builds loyalty among existing clients, and even enhances your position in settlement negotiations.

Our national practice is limited to experienced lawyers at (or on the cusp of) the shareholder/partner level and we limit our client list to attorneys in non-competing specialties and geography. If you meet our experience qualification and are interested in raising your visibility, joining the well-compensated ranks of professional speakers, winning a book deal, and otherwise enhancing your professional brand, give us a call for a confidential discussion of your possibilities.

Call us at 888.787.2246 or connect with us by email: [hidden email]