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High Potential Associate

Elite Lawyer Management High Potential Associate

At Elite Lawyer Management we know how to spot true Rising Stars in the legal profession and in some circumstances we waive our experience requirement to accommodate the unique needs of some of these high trajectory professionals.

These attorneys typically have one or more of the following professional characteristics that enable them to benefit from our attorney PR, personal branding, publishing, social media and other services:

  • Entertainment or media experience outside of the legal profession;
  • Early career traction from some high profile courtroom wins;
  • Substantial non-legal business successes;
  • Advanced non-legal degree and experience;
  • A strong interest in future public office;
  • Some combination of these or other notable accomplishments.

The Elite Lawyer Management team helps these High Potential Associates build and publicize a platform, both online and off, to get out their message and connect with a wider audience than is typically accessible to younger, or at least more recent, attorneys.

High Potential Associate Examples

Our historical precedent for branding and publicizing high potential young professionals comes from the Kennedy family. When a young Congressman John Kennedy put his sights on a U.S. Senate seat, his youth would clearly have been held against him and eliminated him from consideration.

In stepped a group not unlike Elite Lawyer Management and arranged the book Profiles In Courage, helped it win a prestige award (Pulitzer), arranged strategic speaking engagements with a high-gravitas message (and training to deliver that message), unending positive media attention, exceptionally well planned photo opportunities; the result - Senator John F. Kennedy, later the youngest President of the United States.

How does this translate to the legal profession? Consider a recent JD with a science PhD of some sort, too young to be taken seriously at a big law firm or to launch his own but clearly more scientifically capable than many Intellectual Property attorneys. The right book, media appearances, and a TEDx speech and this scientist/lawyer overcomes most or all age/experience related prejudices. Great rainmaking power, express lane to partnership, and unmatched credibility early on.

You Know One When You See One

Elite Lawyer Management represents only a small number of what we call High Potential Associates but this roster is a key element of our future clientele and we are able to help these attorneys package and promote their expertise to maximize their career arc and also to monetize their brand outside of the legal profession.

If you are an atypical young lawyer with something special going on we would enjoy meeting you by phone or in person to see if there is a fit. Our definition of High Potential Associate is surely inadequate but to bastardize a great jurist’s famous quote – We know one when we see one.

Call us at 888.787.2246 or connect with us by email: [hidden email]