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Law Firm & Lawyer Author Websites

Elite Lawyer Management Atypical Attorney Websites

Website development for lawyers is a key element of the Elite Lawyer Management law firm marketing strategy. We create effective attorney websites in an atypical manner – one that creates a compelling online presence for lawyers who are discouraged by the lack of results from their existing law firm websites and are struggling to differentiate their professional brand from those of every competitor who all have too-similar websites.

While 99% of attorneys burn through their marketing budgets struggling for search engine rankings based solely on the same SEO strategies every other lawyer and their “SEO consultants” are following, Elite Lawyer Management clients dominate Google’s page one search results. And, even for large firm attorneys who are typically precluded from using the Internet as a tool for law practice development and personal branding, we have managing-partner-friendly strategies for an exceptional online presence.

Synergistic Elite Lawyer Marketing Efforts Drive Site Traffic

Elite Lawyer Management attorney website methodologies could easily fill a substantial volume, and our principals have in fact done that with their bestselling book FAME 101, but here are some examples of the principles that underlie our development of law firm websites.

First, ELM lawyer websites are effective because they are only one element of our process. Our constant publicity for attorney clients AND ALSO publicity for their law firm websites, results in media attention that drives traffic to ELM client websites. ELM client speaking engagements drive audience members to seek out more information online, and the excitement generated by a book launch or other ELM activity sends even more prospects to our law firm websites.

This synergy alone positions our clients on Google, Bing, Yahoo…page one; often with multiple page one results for a single search.

Your “Web Guy” or Generic Law Firm Website SEO Company

The second Elite Lawyer Management differentiator is our attorney website design process differs from most firms. While many attorneys have a “Web Guy” or lease a generic template from a mammoth legal website provider that leases the same designs to any lawyer who signs up, ELM separates the art of web design into three elements with great results.

Those elements are graphics, content, and technology. Separate on-staff specialists in each of those elements collaborate to create powerful search engine friendly content, award winning graphic design, and just the right amount of technology because too much can damage your Google standing.

The ELM Internet Geography Difference

Elite Lawyer Management represented attorneys have an unmatched online presence and reach because we follow a concept we’ve named Internet Geography. The strategy is to create an impressive and broad online footprint with multiple websites. While some attorneys try splitting up their specialties or geographies into multiple sites, New Google now punishes that strategy with lowered rankings because New Google thinks these lawyers are trying to game the system. In fact they are but it doesn’t work anymore.

In contrast we create a broader footprint with a personal branding site in addition to the law firm website, often another for the books our author attorneys create, a blog separate from the law firm (new Bar rules in many states require blogs that reside within law firm websites comply with their draconian legal services marketing rules), perhaps an online media room if appropriate and other strategic online presences.

Our online strategy necessarily varies for each client attorney’s circumstance but Elite Lawyer Management represented attorneys invariably have a highly competitive online presence because we continue well past the borders created by simple Search Engine Optimization, online advertising, and other self-limiting tools.

The Power of an Effective Online Presence

Prospects locate and qualify their attorneys often based on instant impressions from a one-minute Google search. The media selects their experts based on their online presence, and meeting planners do the same as they qualify potential keynote speakers.

Elite Lawyer Management ensures our client law firms’ web presence eclipses that of their would-be competitors. Our client attorneys excel in the online world as they do on stage, on camera, and in every other competitive professional situation. If you would like to discuss the online possibilities for your law firm, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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