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Legal Services Marketing & Promotion

A Different Take on Law Firm and Lawyer Marketing

The last few years have seen major strides in legal services marketing as law practice development experts enlisted new online tools and promotion strategies in parallel with Google becoming more intuitive but recently the formerly stellar advances have become small, predictable steps. Lawyers are now spending more money to get worse results and they’re scared to stop spending because their competitors will continue.

Attorneys believe they can outdistance their competitors by relying on a great website with some SEO magic, a new logo, and by writing articles for legal outlets. Unfortunately every other law firm, of every size, is doing the same thing and legal services marketing providers are selling them the same web templates, the same SEO strategies, and many other “sames”. Elite Lawyer Management marketing pros do something different.

Elite Lawyer Management Changes the Paradigm

The Elite Lawyer Management team changes the traditional lawyer marketing paradigm from a vague cost center where advertising (online and off), sponsorships, not-competitive websites, and expensive brochures are a financial drain to a new model – the ELM law firm promotion model that delivers quantifiable financial results.

Good attorney marketing returns a quantifiable multiple of costs to additional professional income; Great marketing Elite Lawyer Management style goes one step further and integrates every legal marketing activity with the ELM law firm branding, lawyer PR, attorney website development, speaking, and publishing (blogs, articles and books) law firm marketing process.

Building and Engaging a Community of Fans

Elite Lawyer Management’s model for promoting legal services is focused on engagement. Big brands, individual lawyers or large law firms, inform and engage defined and profiled communities rather than “selling” legal services. More informed consumers, whether Fortune 500 house counsel or a person injured by a defective product, are looking for information on their situation (and some positive buzz about the expert attorney in the field) to make a choice of a law firm or individual attorney.

The ELM marketing team helps lawyers we represent engage consumers of legal services in atypical ways. For example, creating and leading an association specific to your target clients’ interests is an excellent law practice development tool. It wins media attention while building and informing a community of prospects.

A National Association for Bicycle Safety, aimed at reducing on-road injuries by raising awareness of dangerous conditions and calling for legislation for bike friendly roads with an informative association website (sponsored in part by your law firm) that offers an eBook you authored makes you the quotable bike injury expert for the media and the go-to firm for injured bicyclists.

At nominal cost you become a national leading voice (great outbound referral opportunities from the “national” part of this equation) in a niche legal services area. Niche associations are just one of a score of marketing strategies Elite Lawyer Management enlists to market our client law firms.

Elite Lawyer Management Creative & Other Agency Staff

The ELM marketing team includes graphics experts with ad agency experience, web technology pros (from development to SEO strategists), and other professionals so Elite Lawyer Management client lawyers and law firms can dominate their field without the additional expense of expanding their law firm marketing staff.

We can either fill in gaps in your marketing team or provide full legal marketing and promotion services. Combine ELM law firm marketing expertise with our public relations, law firm branding, online and offline practice promotion, and the other elements of the Elite Lawyer Management strategy and you have an unbeatable competitive advantage – one that attracts a constant stream of new clients, creates outbound referral income, opens the door to speaking opportunities and book deals plus all the other benefits enjoyed by the elite 1% of the legal profession.

For optimal results every law practice requires a different legal services marketing plan. A nicely SEO’d website gets your firm on Google page one alongside 8 other firms; information on your association, your book, and a video speaking at a relevant national conference on YOUR website differentiates you from the others and it’s BOTH steps that are an Elite Lawyer Management differentiator. If you would like to learn what this might look like for your law firm circumstance we will look forward to your call.

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