Legal Awards & Rankings for Lawyers

Elite Lawyer Management secures high
visibility awards for lawyers as this third-party
recognition elevates brand perception and
helps firms dominate their specialty.

Elite Lawyer Management provides award nomination and application services for noteworthy lawyers and law firms operating in Florida, California, New Jersey, Washington DC, and other regions nationwide.

Our team identifies the best award opportunities for you, writes compelling nominations on your behalf, and increases your chances of earning prestigious and reputation-boosting honors from:

  • Rating services like Super Lawyers® and Best Lawyers® in America
  • Directories like Chambers & Partners and Benchmark Litigation
  • Practice area-specific awards, such as National Law Journal - Plaintiff's Lawyers Trailblazers
  • Regional awards, including Texas Lawyer - Texas Trailblazers and New York Legal Awards
  • Special awards, for instance Law360 Rising Stars and California Women Leaders in Tech Law
  • Invitation-only memberships, like The National Trial Lawyers and The National Advocates

Lawyer rankings and honors are now a crucial part of any elite lawyer's platform marketing plan. Combined with our specialties in SEO, speaking engagements, content publishing, branding, and public relations, awards are another facet of our multi-front strategy to transform our clients into known leaders in their respective categories.

Find Out How We Use Awards to Boost Your Brand.

Prospective clients are seeking the best legal talent
and journalists are seeking the top experts on legal topics.

Awards are the quickest way for lay people to identify a vetted expert.

Generally, the lawyers we represent have not applied for many awards, if any at all. For premier lawyers, the idea of chasing awards sometimes given to hundreds, if not thousands, of people seems beneath them. They market their remarkable results in other ways and, in the past, we agreed with that approach.

Our perspective changed when a friend of our firm needed a divorce lawyer for a complex high net worth dissolution in California. Since we have relationships with and access to the country's top-tier lawyers, we secured her an appointment with one of the best and busiest in the field with specific expertise in her precise situation.

Two weeks later, we asked her how the meeting went. She told us our lawyer seemed very competent, but since "so much money was on the line", she really needed "a Super Lawyer®".

She went with a Super Lawyer®, it likely cost her $10 million extra in the ultimate settlement but we learned the lesson.

That brilliant lawyer we recommended lost business to someone less skilled, less qualified, and less experienced, simply because he had never been recognized by Super Lawyers®.

You may know you're the best lawyer in your area. Your peers may know you're the best lawyer in your area. But potential clients and media personnel may not. That's why consumers rely on awards and rankings to guide them - and that's why awards are worth your time.

Awards and rankings are:

  • Visible affirmation of your status as an elite lawyer
  • Independently vetted, third-party verification of your credentials
  • Fuel for other branding and public relations efforts
  • A foundation for developing a thought leader platform in your category

A study from the British Quality Foundation found that award-winning companies saw as much as a 63 percent increase in operating income, and the effect lasted for years after the award was won. Not only are awards good for your branding - they're good for your bottom line.

Earning awards also creates a pathway to becoming a thought leader at a regional or even national level. When CNN is looking for an expert to speak about the latest Supreme Court decision or nomination, who will they choose? The lawyer with no credentials, or the lawyer with a list of honors verifying their expert status? CNN will choose the second lawyer, every time.

When people need legal advice or want to understand legal developments, they automatically turn to the most visible lawyer available. The most visible lawyer isn't always the most skilled one - it is the most skilled lawyer who has also packaged their skills through branding. Securing awards supports your brand by creating a cycle of recognition:

  • Win an award that proves you're the top lawyer or practice group in your category; then
  • Leverage your win to earn publicity and solidify your reputation as an
  • expert; then
  • Media outlets turn to you for commentary because of your expertise; then
  • You attract more clients with bigger cases because of your visibility; then
  • You become eligible for even more awards because of the high-profile cases you work on; and the cycle continues from there.

Speak with a Legal Awards Expert to Learn Your Options.

Applying for awards isn't as simple
as submitting a CV and hoping for the best.

Our award experts develop a strategic plan to package your brand, increase
your chances of winning, and leverage your wins to create more visibility

For our clients we apply for awards including:

  • Chambers & Partners
  • Lawdragon 500
  • Super Lawyers®
  • Best Lawyers® In America
  • National Law Journal Trailblazers
  • Elite Trial Lawyers
  • Global Law Experts
  • Law360 Rising Stars
  • Law360 Titans Of The Plaintiffs Bar
  • American Bar Association On The Rise™
  • Daily Journal Top 100 (California)
  • The National Trial Lawyers

While we can never guarantee a win, the extraordinary lawyers and practice groups we take on as clients are already highly eligible for awards.

Achievements that impress award judges, such as high-profile clients and mega verdicts, are already everyday occurrences for our clients. Combined with Elite Lawyer Management's packaging of these lawyers and firms as the number one leaders in their practice areas, our clients quickly rise to the top of the judges' list.

That's why when we apply for awards for our clients, more often than not, they win.

How do we frequently achieve better results than other legal public relations agencies? We excel in five key areas when it comes to gathering the recognition you have earned:

  • 1 We understand your unique strengths and positioning in the market
  • 2 We're deeply knowledgeable about your practice area
  • 3 We know which techniques win awards and which doom your application
  • 4 We stay on top of award deadlines and requirements
  • 5 We know that awards are just one element of creating your elite brand platform

1. We Have a Deep Understanding of Your Business

Awards aren't all created equal, and not every award is right for every lawyer. Based on your unique brand and business goals, we select awards that 1) you will likely win, and 2) will help you dominate your area of practice. And, you won't have to spend time hunting down these awards because our team is already familiar with them and their requirements.

2. We Focus on Your Specialty

Lawyers working in a niche always get more attention and opportunities than generalists. As such, we keep your specialty top of mind and focus on awards that will get you to the top of the list in your particular area. We have experience working with lawyers in a wide range of practice areas, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Family Law
  • Whistleblowers (Healthcare, Government Contracts, and SEC included)
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury (Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death)
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Intellectual Property
  • Civil Rights
  • Criminal Defense
  • Construction Defects
  • Oil & Gas Law
  • Cannabis
  • M&A Law
  • Lender Liability Law
  • Class Actions
  • Environmental Law
  • Elder Law (Financial Abuse, Nursing Home Abuse)

3. We Know What Judges Are Looking For

Every award has its own quirks and tricks for getting the judges' attention. Our legal awards team has gone through the nomination process of every major award many times, so we know what it takes to compile a strong nomination that stands out from the rest. Whether that means writing a compelling essay, packaging your recent verdicts, or preparing you for an interview with the judges, we understand how to frame your expertise and your practice group in the best light.

4. We Take Care of the Details

Applying for awards is deceptively time consuming, and with more legal awards available than ever before, there's a constantly changing list of deadlines and requirements to worry about. It's easy to let the details slip through the cracks, which jeopardizes your chances of winning. If you're serious about earning recognition, let our legal awards team handle it. We keep track of deadlines, compile nominations, and research new award opportunities, so all you have to do is give your approval.

5. We See Awards in Their Broader Context

For our clients, the ultimate goal isn't to win an award - it is to add to their larger-than-life reputation as the leading law firm in your area. Awards help you achieve that goal, but they must be part of a larger strategy. At Elite Lawyer Management, recognition is always combined with a holistic plan to optimize your image, credibility, and platform, thereby optimizing your business development results.

Legal awards create a powerful public perception that
your firm is the best in its category.

Combined with strategic legal branding and premium public relations
activities, recognition is the next step in becoming a powerful legal brand.

Are You Ready to Start Earning the
Recognition You Deserve?

Call us at 888.787.2246 to learn what Elite Lawyer Management can do for your law practice.


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