Law Firm Branding and
Personal Brands for Lawyers

Extraordinary law firm brands dominate legal specialties by powerfully branding both the law practice and the primary attorneys.

Elite Lawyer Management branding experts package (brand) both your
firm and individual lawyers’ expertise to optimize your presentation, image, credibility,
and platform for maximum business development results.

A well-defined, clear, and focused professional brand, a combination of the law firm brand and the key individual attorneys' personal brands, is foundational to legal brand marketing success, yet its power is rarely understood and often poorly executed.

Branding in an elite lawyer marketing context should be:

  • » Your legal expertise - packaged.
  • » Your narrative - shared.
  • » Your promise - what people can expect from you; consistently.

Leaders of extraordinary law firms know that brands, however powerful, do not operate in a vacuum and therefore assure their brand supports and is enhanced by a strategic combination of our specialties:

Elite Lawyer and Law Firm Branding Experts Package Your Promise, Legal Expertise & Story then Promote the Productized Result.

Learn How We Package Legal Expertise and Sharpen Your Brand

Two Brands Define &
Anchor Your Platform

The Law Firm or Specialty Practice Brand


Each Lawyer’s Professional Personal Brand

First Let’s Look at Personal Professional Branding

In a Profession of Equals, some lawyers are certainly more ‘equal’ than others.
They have the indefinable something. Powerful personal branding defines that something.

Our Personal Branding Experts Package and Promote an Attorney’s Personal Brand
to Synergistically Enhance the Lawfirm Brand and the Converse.
We Build them Separately but Focus on the Mutuality.

A Lawyer’s Personal Professional Brand is Their Individual Expertise and Image Packaged for Authority

We focus as much on a lawyer's (or a small group of practice leaders) personal brand(s) as on the firm's.


Isn't the law firm brand the important one for legal business?

Aren't Apple, Amazon, Virgin, Tesla…outstanding examples of company brands that a legal practice should emulate in their branding process? Individuals mere background - cogs behind the larger entity?

We DO build and promote law firms mixing design, narrative image, and value Virgin Atlantic style (see FIRM branding section on this page) however, here is what most attorney marketing agencies miss and it is massively important - the power of personal lawyer branding for law practice leaders.

If you look at the most successful companies and their development, odds are there is a Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk…who started with little but their personal passion and enthusiasm and offered themselves as the face and voice of their company.

We all connect with a person much more than a company (or law firm), whether it was Steve Jobs telling us there will be a computer in every household, Jeff Bezos telling us digital commerce would be the next big thing, or a California lawyer in your firm's San Francisco office forecasting intellectual property developments in the coming years.

Law firms are an amalgamation of individual attorney brands, plus some additional X factor attributed to the combination - it pays to focus some branding attention to lawyer branding by packaging individual expertise and success in addition to that of the firm.

Elite Lawyer Management personal branding experts create, expand, and help monetize compelling personal brands for practice leaders.

A well-branded lawyer is a strategic combination of:

  • Well packaged legal expertise, including two or three core focus (niche) areas;
  • Branded as a high visibility (see PR and Publicity) influencer and thought leader;
  • Who maintains a high visibility information, commentary, and education platform (see Thought Leader Marketing) using blog posts, social media, publications of every sort, traditional media, speaking engagements, and in-person connections.

Powerfully branded lawyers dominate the top ranks of the legal profession in exactly the same manner as do leading products - consider:

  • Coke
  • Gerry Spence
  • the iPhone
  • Norm Pattis
  • Porsche
  • Gloria Allred
  • Rolex
  • Brian Mahany
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Dror Bikel

…and this list goes on with the legal top guns in every specialty from intellectual property and business litigation to matrimonial, civil rights, criminal, qui tam (whistleblower lawyers), insurance law, class actions, mass torts, energy, and the rest.

Elite Lawyer Management personal branding experts package your legal expertise for maximum business development potential and we do it in a manner that supports and enhances the law firm brand.

Talk to an Expert about YOUR Personal Professional Brand.

Now Let’s Look at Law Firm (or Specialty Practice) Branding

Law Firm Branding Experts

Branding a law firm is packaging the collective expertise and reputation of the attorneys who make up the enterprise and presenting that combination to the world - online and off.

The Elite Lawyer Management branding team builds and executes a multidimensional brand strategy that drives business development.

We focus on all 3 facets of your brand for maximum success:

  • 1 Promise (reputation) and its narrative - both must be clear and unchanging.
  • 2 Thought Leadership in core areas - the Go-To information source.
  • 3 Look and Feel across all platforms - it must be flawlessly consistent.

1 The Promise and Narrative Element of Law Firm Branding  

At its foundation, your brand is your promise and reputation, your story - an interconnected bundle that defines what people expect when they connect with you in-person or online.

We look at the promise your prospects want you to make and make sure your brand answers the question:

Can and will your law firm fulfill that promise?

This is what we do and what we won't do, who we do it for, and how we do it better than anyone else.

An important aside: Your promise must be specific vs general. For generalists, no one will know who you are and what they can expect you to do so they don't hire you.

You build that reputation (and your law practice) when you keep that promise in your legal work, your writing, appearances, and the rest - consistently.

What about your story? The Narrative?

People form opinions (a narrative) about your firm based on appearance, rumor, prejudice, assumptions, and fear.

Your firm's brand narrative must head off all uncertainty by telling the world, in an authentic and provable way:

  • » Who you are.
  • » What you do.
  • » How you do it.
  • » What they can expect from you.

Elite's branding experts will define and package your promise and your story.

2 The Thought Leadership Element of Your Firm's
Brand Strategy - the Expertise

For law firms, thought leadership is about packaging, developing, and promoting your reputation as THE trusted, up-to-date, and forward-thinking expert information and influence source - the recognized authority in your focus (niche) area(s).

We help law practices evolve as thought leaders, from productizing your focus area expertise to developing information platforms and publicizing (a great brand with exceptional information is of no value if no one knows you're there - See PR and Publicity) and marketing the result.

Our legal branding experts will enhance your reputation in an authentic and high-visibility manner focusing on building unassailable thought leadership for your firm.

3 Consistent Look and Feel Across All Platforms -
the Visuals

Business clients expect you to look as good as they do. Crystal clear messaging, up to the moment graphics, fonts, colors, and the rest - tastefully packaged and reminiscent of leading B to B (business to business) brands.

Consumer clients elevate law practices packaged smartly with a sharp look and feel, subtly reminiscent of company brand visuals they know - think smart phone companies, top tech brands…tempered with a patina of consumer-level legal gravitas.

Your brand look and feel must be consistent across:

  • Websites
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Publications
  • Awards
  • Videos
  • Printed Materials

Does your brand strategy and its execution drive business development for your legal practice?

Combine a Solid Promise, Clear Narrative,
and Thought Leadership with Great Visuals and
You Have a Powerful Law Firm Brand.

Do this concurrent with branding one, some , or all of your individual lawyers
and - presuming your expertise - you will take the #1 spot in your specialty.

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