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Legal Content Writing & Placement

Unique Law Content for Law Firm Practice Development

Elite Lawyer Management clients are influencers and thought leaders within their focus areas, typically nationwide. Our process builds, promotes and maintains their platform – the foundation from which they share their ideas and expertise. From this base our writers pool creates specialty content that presents client ideas, strategies, commentary, and information to targeted audiences.

We capture, broadcast and spread your ideas with original, cool and strategic content rather than the search engine-focused drivel your competitors are turning out in their never ending and now outdated battle for online rankings. And, you know what? The latest Google, Bing…algorithms are now quite sophisticated. They reward original content. Yet better, your prospective clients and the media will recognize your insightful thinking – they’re attracted to your intellect and reach out for your expertise.

We Create Business, Science, Tech and Cultural Content Too

You can presume we have exceptional legal content writers, many with deep backgrounds in law but neither law nor your practice operate in a vacuum. And here’s the first Elite Lawyer Management differentiator from all content writing teams: We analyze your clients’ and prospective clients’ industries and sectors and create valuable content for those sectors, not simply the legal side, e.g. Intellectual Property is a fascinating area of the law and the latest IP enforcement trends is information we create and distribute but that’s just the start.

We add context to that information with our content – How might the new IP laws lead to acquisitions, consolidations, or new licensing models within your target industries? The IP rules and regulations are the underlying content but ELM clients are thought leaders. The content we create for them adds context. It’s read by the C-Suite rather than simply the General Counsel’s office. That builds great relationships and practice opportunities – ELM clients rarely have to compete for work.

That’s just one example. For criminal lawyers we package their ideas and create civil rights, police shooting, cannabis, and social trend content. We do science, technology, business, and really any other content to keep Elite Lawyer Management clients in the national conversation in areas important to their own clients and prospective ones.

Our Writers Are Journalists, Scholars, and Sector Experts

Traditional legal content can get boring fast. While we make sure to deliver correct and insightful legal commentary, our content is typically in narrative format. An evil corporation being held to account by a secret Department of Justice enforcement team aggressively raiding a warehouse filled with knowingly defective pharma products resulting in criminal and False Claims Act prosecution trumps a yawnworthy legal overview by a mega firm marketing team trying to convey gravitas with federal code citations.

To capture the real life drama, passion, and excitement of the world within which lawyers serve we use proven journalists who know how to report facts while entertaining and informing their readers. When extremely specialized content is required, we have industry insiders who moonlight for Elite Lawyer Management and either write science, tech, economics…content for us or work with our writers to create the original compelling content ELM clients expect.

Big industry donors influencing Congress to dilute trucking safety regs? Toxic bonds sold by mega brokerages as secure retirement investments? Institutionalized collusion between law enforcement, prosecutors, and the judiciary to thwart civil rights in a West Coast state? Those are articles and blog posts that are read and shared – our content often goes viral and some result in writing, speaking, or book offers for our clients. Great writers with real world experience – they’re a prime ELM client benefit.

We Distribute Your Writing to Strategic and Atypical Platforms

Attorneys believe themselves on top of the world if they’re asked to write a chapter or even a book for a legal publisher to educate lawyers. Certainly this is an admirable way to pay back your profession but seriously, a piece in Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor or some other specialty publication will attract new clients rather than just educate your competitors.

What about blogs? Most of the legal blogs out there are horrid, infrequently read, poorly maintained, and were created as Google candy. Elite Lawyer Management clients build widespread communities of loyal readers with fascinating blog content, are sometimes syndicated, and specific posts are shared and go viral.

A half dozen pieces on the unanticipated legal and business effects of the America Invents Act will generate more business than a dozen conference sponsorships or networking breakfasts and it’s a vastly more cost-effective strategy.

If you practice in a fascinating area of the law, or one that could or should become so – we have writers that will help spread your ideas and expertise. Give us a call to learn more about our writers pool and content strategy:  888.787.2246 or [hidden email]