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Want Next Level Law Firm PR Results?

Our Premium PR Process for Law Firms & Lawyers
wins Media Coverage AND Maximizes Brand Impact

Elite Lawyer Management designs and executes premium public relations campaigns for experienced lawyers and specialty legal practice groups nationwide.

We label our PR process Premium for three reasons:

  • Our PR reps are all award-winning, well-connected former investigative journalists who package and pitch stories that intrigue journalists and influencers and resonate with their audience;
  • We deliver bigger results by putting even local stories into a national or otherwise broader context – it’s the difference between the Sacramento Bee and USA Today or CNBC coverage;

And, most atypically for a legal public relations team;

  • We advance-create a subject matter thought leader content ecosphere of blog posts, articles, infographics, whitepapers…around your news subject matter to expand the impact to your law firm brand of the media attention – for years.

ELM Law Practice Public Relations Pros Win and
Maintain the Media Spotlight

Americans elevate people and companies in the news to a special status and this is especially true for attorneys and law firms.

Coverage in the pages of Fast Company, The New York Times, People Magazine, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, trade journals or on-air at CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, CW Network… (all of which have featured our clients in the last 30 days as of this writing) – is an unbeatable competitive differentiator for an attorney or expert practice group in any specialty.

In fact, a robust portfolio of media wins in America today is considered an additional credential with more marketing value than an LLM, a series of scholarly articles, or a dozen CLE presentations.

Simply, high-visibility lawyers are perceived as Thought Leaders:

  • More credible,
  • More intelligent, and
  • The ultimate go-to experts in their legal specialty.

From Fortune 500 CEOs to families with an injured loved one, when people need legal expertise they don’t look for advertisements. They make decisions based on:

  • Personal referrals; and
  • What lawyers are most visible - in the right places.

Studies show that positive portrayal in the news is equivalent to, or greater than, a personal referral in terms of trust.

Elite Lawyer Management clients acquire the patina of celebrity – the good sort, think JFK or Steve Jobs, not Kardashian – that in turn gets them quoted again and again in the press (“Snowball Effect”), while the recognition gained from positive publicity (“Halo Effect”) is more valuable in practice development than any amount of advertising.

You likely notice that an influential few lawyers dominate the CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC…legal expert slots and are quoted in the mainstream press from the Miami Herald or Atlanta Journal Constitution to the Seattle Times, trade journals, and by key influencers in every sector.

Our publicists make that happen and we are, by every, or any measure, America’s best law firm publicists and legal PR experts for lawyers in New York, California, Florida, Washington, Texas and every other state across the U.S.

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How Elite Lawyer Management Attorney Media Relations Pros Outperform Our (and Your) Competitors

Our publicists are more successful getting earned media in legitimate, appropriate, and widely-read or viewed outlets, for our legal sector clients.
Here’s why ELM managed attorneys are in the news, often:

  • We develop and package a mediagenic narrative placing your news in a national or at least regional or industry-wide context;
  • We lead with the story, not the attorney; and
  • Our well packaged (professional personal branding) and Media Trained lawyers are pitched as the face and voice(s) of the firm and the story; and
  • We have the best influencer (journalists, bloggers, producers…) database in the country and are respected among the scores of influencers who have covered our clients and stories.

Our pitching process is geometrically more effective than the traditional self-promoting, over used, and poorly crafted law firm press releases and solely-local media outreach.

No news this month at your firm? We will tee up your now-expert and well packaged thought leader persona to comment on other news of the day or on social issues.

Our public relations team knows the value of media exposure for lawyers, how to get it, and most important – how to leverage it to maximize career and practice development benefits.

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Elite Lawyer Management Media Relations Pros Build Your Influencer List

We focus on strategic media coverage, getting you and your practice coverage and placement in the right outlets to grow both your business and also your legal reputation.

We build and constantly evolve your target list (a valuable bit of Intellectual Property you will own) of national, regional, and local media contacts, outlets and influencers for optimal coverage,


Our publicists tirelessly and relentlessly pitch, inform, and cajole reporters, bloggers, producers, and bookers to win press coverage for ELM clients.

Every media relations effort is necessarily unique – we focus on your legal specialty (generalists never get Thought Leader status and thus find media experts slots tough to find) such as:

  • Whistleblower Law Firms
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Practices
  • Securities Law
  • Criminal Defense Experts
  • Civil Rights Defenders
  • Personal Injury – Wrongful Death Specialists
  • Class Action Law or Bad Faith Insurance Plaintiff Firms
  • Lender Liability Law Groups
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual Property

And, most other specialties while often micro-focusing on niches within those legal areas such as:

  • Healthcare or Defense Contractor Whistleblower Lawyers
  • Matrimonial Law for High Net Worth People & Spouses
  • Energy M&A Specialty Groups
  • Securities Professionals Defense or FINRA Claimants Counsel
  • Jail Death and Prison Inmate Injury Attorneys
  • Obstetric Malpractice, Construction Zone Accident Experts…
  • Environmental Class Action Focused Practices
  • Cannabis Criminal Defense or Compliance
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Focused Groups

Journalists and producers believe, and they’re right, that specialists are the best experts so we tie your specialized expertise to the news.

The Elite Difference: Our Writers Leverage Your Media Wins to Maximize & Monetize the Visibility

Rule One for Elite Lawyer Management PR Pros: Don’t Waste the Limelight!

While a Good Morning America appearance or feature article in a trade publication based on your expertise is a big win, after a handful of queries and congratulatory calls, it’s over.

Our law practice publicity experts know there’s an underlying business and personal brand opportunity here so we take the next step:

We Leverage Your 15 Minutes of Fame into a Lifetime Brand.

One Today Show appearance can feed your brand for a decade. We create online media rooms for all Elite clients to showcase your best media appearances and mentions.

When Should You Start a Publicity Campaign?

Before your news happens.

There is nothing sadder for us than an excited lawyer who had the verdict of a lifetime – Last Week, and calls wanting to get media coverage.

Here’s the problem:

First, the story must be News and the A-list outlets want to hear about Breaking News. Sure we can pick up some second tier publications and context pieces but, CNN or New York Times? Probably not.

Second, this lawyer missed out on a massive opportunity to win Thought Leader status as he didn’t have additional resources available, e.g. infographics, white papers, survey results… that journalists could cite in their reporting.

We can deliver the best results when we are already on your team, both for upcoming news and to capture (and create) opportunities to comment as a legal expert. We package the story, we package your expertise (Thought Leader Branding), and we Media Train  you to present this and future stories all while producing blog posts, eBooks, and infographics surrounding the story.

Then we promote the narrative with maximum force.

The most successful PR campaigns are ongoing. This is how we get Elite managed lawyers in outlets including these:

  • 60 Minutes
  • Miami Herald
  • Dr. Phil
  • New York Times
  • BuzzFeed News
  • Los Angeles Times
  • NBC News
  • Time Magazine
  • Bustle
  • And at least a dozen others that have featured our clients within the last 7 days.

So for:

  • Individual Lawyers
  • Specialty Practice Groups at Large Firms
  • Small or Mid-Size Law Firms

Our legal-sector experienced PR pros will get you In the News, keep you there, and assure maximum practice development benefits and thought leader status.

When your clients and prospects are saying, “You’re everywhere!” or “Whatever it takes – I want the lawyer who was on ABC News this morning”, we’re doing our job.

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