Want Next Level Law Firm PR Results?

Our Premium PR Process for Law Firms & Attorneys wins Media Attention AND Maximizes Brand Impact & Exposure

Elite Lawyer Management designs and executes premium public relations campaigns for experienced lawyers and specialty legal practice groups. We label our PR process “premium” for three reasons:

  • Our PR Reps are all award-winning well-connected former investigative journalists who package and pitch your story to resonate with, and intrigue, reporters;
  • We deliver Bigger Results by putting even local stories into a national or otherwise broader context – it’s the difference between the Sacramento Bee and USA Today coverage;
  • And, most atypically;
  • We advance-create a subject matter Thought Leader Content Ecosphere of blog posts, articles, infographics, whitepapers… around your news to expand the brand impact of media attention – for years.

These are our law firm public relations process basics and how/why Elite Lawyer Management clients attract more press and get better law practice business development results from their media coverage.

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Elite Lawyer Management PR Experts Win and Maintain the Media Spotlight

Effective PR for attorneys and law firms results in media exposure, a powerful tool the Elite Lawyer Management team uses to raise the visibility and credibility of attorneys we represent.

The Attorney PR element of the ELM legal services managing agent suite of marketing services is based on this truth:

Americans elevate professionals who are In the News to a special status.

Coverage in USA Today, the New York Times, People Magazine, Financial Times, trade journals or on-air at CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, CW Network…(all of which have featured our clients in the last 30 days at this writing) – is an unbeatable competitive differentiator for an attorney or expert practice group in any specialty and it’s an additional credential with more marketing value than an LLM, a  series of scholarly articles, or a dozen CLE presentations.

Simply, high-visibility attorneys are perceived as Thought Leaders:

  • More credible
  • More intelligent, and
  • The ultimate experts in their field.

They acquire the patina of celebrity – the good sort – that in turn gets them quoted again and again in the press (“Snowball Effect”), while the recognition gained from positive publicity (“Halo Effect”) is more valuable in practice development terms than any amount of advertising.

You likely notice that an influential few lawyers dominate the CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC…legal expert slots and are quoted in the mainstream press from the Miami Herald to the Seattle Times, trade journals and by key influencers in every sector. Publicists make that happen and we are, by every or any measure, America’s best law firm publicists and legal PR experts.

How do we do it?

  • Our PR reps, as former investigative journalists for major outlets, have a talent for spotting what will grab media attention and solid credibility with reporters when pitching your story or offering your commentary on current events.
  • We develop and package a mediagenic narrative placing your news in a national or at least regional or industry-wide context.
  • We promote the story, not the lawyer and then;
  • We package and Media Train our lawyers as the face and voice(s) of the firm and the story;
  • We have the best influencer (journalists, bloggers, producers…) database in the country and are respected among scores of influencers who have covered our clients and stories;
  • Our pitching process is geometrically more effective than the traditional self-promoting law firm press releases and solely-local media outreach.

Our public relations team knows the value of media exposure for lawyers, how to get it, and most important - how to leverage it to maximize career and law practice development benefits.

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Our Writers Leverage Your Media Attention to Maximize & Monetize the Visibility

Rule 1 for Elite Lawyer Management PR pros: Don’t waste the limelight!

Our process turns your media attention into a long term client attractor and revenue producer by creating online content (blog posts, articles, infographics, whitepapers, social media postings, podcasts, reports…) to demonstrate your subject matter thought leadership.

Media coverage from lawyer PR efforts, while immensely valuable in terms of raising professional visibility, is too often wasted as there is a disconnect between publicists – whose traditional function is to get coverage – and the law firm marketing staff – whose function it is to attract clients.

While a Good Morning America appearance or feature article in a trade publication focused on an attorney’s target audience is a big win, after a handful of queries and congratulatory calls, it’s over.

Elite Lawyer Management law practice publicity experts know how to take the next step. We Leverage Your 15 Minutes of Fame into a Lifetime Brand.

In essence, one reason Elite Lawyer Management clients dominate their specialties is our unique Public Relations – Content Marketing mix for law practice development. Getting your name in the newspaper is nice but building national Thought Leader status with a robust portfolio of media wins all supported by content marketing is how you can own any legal topic or subtopic, online and off.

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