About Elite Lawyer Management

A Lawyers’ PR, Branding and Legal Talent Marketing Agency

We are publicists, agents, and marketing strategists for America’s best lawyers. Elite Lawyer Management helps attorneys and law firms package and productize their expertise – branding – raise their visibility by attracting the media spotlight with effective attorney PR – public relations – and our law firm marketing experts help to monetize the results.

Elite Lawyer Management Atypical PR and Marketing Process

The Elite Lawyer Management research-based legal services marketing process creates demand for ELM client law firms’ services, removes the anxiety of constantly searching for new clients, and frees talented attorneys to do what they do best: practice law at the highest levels of expertise and income for the type of clients they want to serve.

ELM law firm public relations, marketing, and branding is based in the principle that talented attorneys’ careers are no different from those of other high-visibility notables – the opportunity and success strategies and potential are identical.

Pro sports players, successful actors/artists, winning politicians, business titans, and other highly skilled (and well compensated) professionals are specialists. They focus like a laser on what they do best while other specialists handle their publicity, promotions, and marketing.

ELM Public Relations and Marketing Experts Promote Your Brand

Elite Lawyer Management experts constantly work in the background to elevate and monetize your brand. The best attorneys never pitch themselves for opportunities – their "people" do; that’s us. The most successful lawyers have well-packaged expertise – our branding pros do this. The most recognized lawyers never deal with their websites – they use specialists; that’s us too. No high visibility advocates do their own publicity – they have a PR team; we manage your media outreach.

Our team focuses the expertise, tools, techniques, and technologies developed in the sports, entertainment, and political arenas (our leaders founded Platform Strategy, an award-winning national branding, publicity, and marketing firm) to package, promote, and market legal services and the attorneys who provide those services.

We believe BOTH online AND offline marketing are critical.

Synergistic Multi-Front Talent Marketing Elevates ELM Lawyers

Elite Lawyer Management attorney branding, public relations, web development, and marketing experts simultaneously and synergistically focus their efforts on maximizing ELM clients’ career satisfaction and financial success.

The attorneys and law firms we represent become client magnets and enjoy continuous upward career and income momentum. They enjoy their careers. 

We have experienced publicists (high credibility former journalists) to get our clients in the news, professional graphic artists for top tier brand presentation, veteran Internet marketing pros to create a powerful and differentiated online presence, media trainers to create focused messaging and train for effective delivery, publishing agents for book development and publishing deals, speaking engagement bookers, and leaders with deep financial and legal experience to coordinate these specialists to catapult ELM represented attorneys to the profession’s elite 1%.

Who Are the Attorneys We Represent?

Our national practice is limited to experienced attorneys and a small number of very high potential associates. We further limit our client list to attorneys in non-competing specialties and geography.

If you meet our experience qualification and are interested in raising your visibility, joining the well-compensated ranks of professional speakers, attracting more and better clients, winning a book deal, or otherwise enhancing your professional brand and career satisfaction, give us a call for a confidential discussion of your possibilities.

Call us at 888.787.2246 or connect with us by email: [hidden email]