Elite Lawyer Management Law Firm & Attorney Clients

What is the Typical Elite Lawyer Management Client Profile?

We brand, manage, publicize, and promote extraordinary lawyers, small & mid-size law firms, and specialty practice groups in large firms.

Our clients are based throughout the United States including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, Washington DC, and Georgia to name a few locations. Some have offices in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

Our individual lawyers typically have 7 or more years of legal experience and have achieved a measure of professional success to where they are clearly within the top 20 percent of attorneys in their focus area, both geographic and by legal specialty.

We elevate these attorneys to the elite 1% because the distinction between the top 20% and the one percent is a branding and promotion X factor and creating and maintaining that X factor is OUR specialty.

In addition to individual lawyers, our work (and their legal talent) helps small and mid-size law firms differentiate and elevate their legal services and highly talented lawyers to out-compete larger and/or better funded competitors.

If you are frustrated by the competing demands of practicing law and constantly building your client base, perhaps Elite Lawyer Management is your answer. You practice law – we handle the branding, marketing (online and off), PR, and business development.

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What Leads Attorneys and Law Firms to Elite Lawyer Management?

We ask lawyers who reach out what brought them to us. Here are their common frustrations and the solutions they know we provide:

  • They want a PR firm that will get them real media coverage rather than simply posting press releases;
  • They want a custom tailored approach to legal brand building and law practice growth rather than a cookie cutter formula;
  • They want a legal marketing firm that will deliver rocking SEO-based online results rather than constantly try to sell them pay-per-click advertising;
  • They want a legal talent management firm that can arrange legitimate book deals rather than amateur level, self-published volumes;
  • And,
  • They want a legal talent marketing team that speaks their language and doesn’t need to get up to speed on their area of law.

If you are a highly talented attorney who is already earning a substantial income ($200,000 to $3 million+ annually) but want to take your career and legal practice to the next level of income, visibility, and satisfaction – let’s talk about your possibilities.

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Our Client Roster is Limited to Non-Competing Attorneys & Practices

Elite Lawyer Management does not represent competing lawyers or law practices and we define “competing” very broadly.

Examples of our expanded definition of “competing” might include:

  • If we represent a Green Energy M&A attorney in New York, we would not take on another Green Energy M&A lawyer in California, Florida, Texas or really anywhere in the United States. In our world there is room for only one such lawyer, firm, or specialty practice to take the #1 spot – nationwide, and that is a specialty that crosses all borders and isn’t limited to New York.
  • We would see a San Francisco divorce lawyer as competing brand-wise with lawyers not only throughout California from Sacramento to Monterey to Los Angeles and Orange County, and down to San Diego, but also as competitive brand-wise with divorce lawyers in Arizona, Nevada, and other western states. In fact, it’s easier to create a broad geographic brand than compete locally for limited press attention and differentiation options. You can always refer out the additional business which would lead to reciprocal referrals.
  • If we serve a Miami, Florida personal injury, wrongful death, product defect law firm, it’s likely we would not take on a “competing” firm in Georgia or probably elsewhere in the Southeast. While you wouldn’t think a Jacksonville, Tampa, or other Florida serious injury lawyer would be competing for clients in all these cities – our company is focused on expanded geographic footprints. A $5 million tbi case in Tampa is valuable for a Miami law firm and a big branded Florida law firm can out-compete local Tampa firms. A seriously big brand (we create these) could also attract Atlanta, Georgia big injury cases and co-counsel or refer to monetize the opportunity.

Our differentiator – we focus on expanding our clients’ footprints to make sure they surpass their competitors’ visibility and brand-power. As such, we will not represent their competitors.

Elite Lawyer Management has a Strategic Client Mosaic

You know already from the above descriptions we do elite legal marketing, branding, premium public relations and such for:

  • Individual Lawyers;
  • Small & Mid-Size Law Firms;
  • Specialty Groups in Large Firms.

Beyond specific practice groups or individual attorneys in AmLaw 100 firms (including Greenberg Traurig, Paul Hastings…) we do not work directly with massive law firms. Our reasoning here: they are bloated bureaucracies that while talking about “innovation” are always playing not-to-lose rather than playing to win – definitely not our sort of client.

On our client roster are:

  • Lawyers who are at the forefront of legal services in new or expanding industries such as cryptocurrency, cannabis, autonomous vehicles, AI, pharma… – We help identify underserved new niches that match your interests and talents, then figure out how to own that niche;
  • Attorneys on the cutting edge of class actions, qui tam, securities, insurance, civil rights, and other traditional legal specialties – We help client firms and individual lawyers take a proactive stance to capture market share while the legacy firms rest on their laurels;
  • Legitimately nice, diplomatic, and well-mannered lawyers. (Really, this is a requirement and universally true of our client roster) They readily refer cases to help other attorneys (a surprising amount of this happens within our client list). They practice law for the right reasons and they enjoy practicing at an elite level.

We love what we do, so do our clients. We are really good at it and our clients see the results. Lawyers and firms stay with us for years. We enjoy our success and work tirelessly for yours.

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