Typical Elite Lawyer Management Clients

Specialty Law Practice Leaders & High Potential Associates

Elite Lawyer Management represents an intentionally limited roster of lawyers across the United States with practices touching New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Washington and every other state with some attorneys’ activities reaching Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, and Australia.

Elite Lawyer Management Typical Client Profile

The typical Elite Lawyer Management client attorney has seven or more years of legal experience – the only exception is a small number of more recent lawyers with extremely high potential – and has achieved a measure of professional success to where they are clearly within the top 20 percent of lawyers in their focus area, both geographic and legal specialty.

We can elevate these attorneys to the elite 1% because the distinction between top 20 percent and the one percent is an X factor that is Our specialty.

Many attorneys who come to us are typically frustrated at the competing demands of practicing law and constantly developing their client base. They are already earning a substantial living (typically $200,000 to $1 million+ annual) but want to take their career to the next level of income, visibility and satisfaction. Other lawyers are tied to a high profile case or very big win and want to leverage that success to achieve the maximum short and long term return to their practice.

Our Client List is Limited to Non-Competing Attorneys

We limit the number of lawyers we represent because our goal is to put you in the top 1% of your field so we do not represent competing lawyers or law firms.

We define “competing” quite broadly. For example, if we represent a family lawyer in New York or Massachusetts we would not represent another in New England or if we serve a plaintiffs class action lawyer in California or Washington we likely would not do another in the Western United States.

We view a lawyer or law firm’s footprint as not bound by strict geography.

Certainly you can only practice in states in which you are licensed, however your visibility footprint can easily be extended to neighboring venues or nationally. Interstate inbound and outbound referrals can be a substantial source of income, for the big opportunities that come to high profile lawyers you can associate local counsel, and a national or multi-state attorney brand is a strong competitor against practices that are geographically shackled.

Our Clients Practice Law, We Handle the PR and Marketing

Elite Lawyer Management clients realize the career management, public relations, and legal services marketing are not their specialty; they practice law at the highest levels and seek out experts with their own expertise in attorney branding, law firm publicity, online tools, speaking booking, media training, marketing and practice development.

The Elite Lawyer Management team focuses on your career success with experts in each of these areas led by professionals with deep experience navigating the unique challenges of a large law firm as well as working in smaller, more entrepreneurial law practice settings.

Is Elite Lawyer Management a Fit for your Practice and Career?

ELM represented attorneys become client magnets and enjoy upward career and income momentum. If you meet our experience qualification, or if you are a standout more recent attorney, and are interested in raising your visibility and taking your practice to the next level, give us a call for a confidential discussion of your opportunities.

Call us at 888.787.2246 or connect with us by email: [hidden email]