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Elite Lawyer ManagementSM is a premium PR (public relations) and legal talent marketing agency representing some of America’s most noteworthy lawyers and law practices.

All are A-listers in terms of legal expertise and we take on no attorney or law firm that competes with any client, a differentiator from any legal marketing firm.

The attorneys we serve are all high authority thought leaders in their focus areas. As managing agents we handle all of or some measure of their:

Our attorneys excel as experts in their specialties and further differentiate themselves by providing expert legal commentary for national media outlets, authoring intriguing nonfiction books for mainstream publishing houses where we have strong relationships, penning widely-read blogs and other social content, public speaking, and building powerful outreach platforms both online and off.

We manage, develop, and promote strong attorney and law firm brands to maximize their visibility and authority, enabling extraordinary lawyers to connect with and serve clients who require exceptional counsel.

The professionals we manage enjoy their work and it shows in their results.

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The Elite Lawyer Management team combines branding, thought leader marketing, PR, speaker booking, content development and premium online marketing to enhance visibility, credibility, and income for remarkable attorneys and their firms.

The lawyers we package, publicize, promote, and manage attract more and better clients, garner constant referrals, and command the highest fees. For talented attorneys and exceptional law firms, our unique approach to packaging and productizing legal expertise is an effective proven path to the profession’s elite.

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We Are Not Just Another PR &
Legal Marketing Company

We package and promote legal expertise.

Our Multi-Front Strategy is Designed for Quantum Leaps in Your Marketing Results

The Elite Lawyer Management team does this with a multi-front campaign concurrently and synergistically focusing on your law firm’s brand development and promotion, visibility through public relations (PR), search engine optimization marketing (SEO) rather than digital ads, legal thought leader content development and marketing, booking strategic speaking engagements, and some proprietary tactical business development efforts. We uncover and execute the optimal mix of services to surpass your competitors and your most optimistic goals.

We know the law, not just legal marketing and law firm public relations. Our legal experts work across 20+ areas of law and we’re more effective because we know the rules and realities of the legal field and when, where, and how to market your expertise.

Have you ever tried to explain a complex area and its subtleties to a typical PR person?
Then you know the blank stare and are likely frustrated at the inane responses and ineffective promotion.

Tell US about your successful summary judgement motion and we’ll know to promote your early, conclusive, and powerful victory. Tell US how your employment retaliatory firing action might have FCA qui tam and SEC whistleblower potential. We know relators, complaints under seal, and most things whistleblower. Whatever your specialty from FINRA arbitration, products liability, and white collar criminal defense to divorce, class actions, anti-trust, and intellectual property; our experts speak your language in depth and understand context. We are already up to speed.

We focus on continuous brand evolution and consistent business development. Truly elite legal marketing and media relations is more than just press releases, a website, some videos, and tracking analytics. Our clients become (and maintain their position as) the go-to expert resource for their prospective and existing clients in substantial part because of our constant direct and indirect promotions.

In the background our writing team is turning out well researched strategic blog posts, pitching journalists and influencers to spread your message, ghosting eBooks, arranging book deals with national publishers, and otherwise expanding your personal and law firm platforms and footprints – all while implementing highly effective SEO strategies to maintain online dominance also.


You see ELM client attorneys on FOX, ABC, CNN, and Bloomberg Business, in the pages of USA Today, the NY Times, and more than 100 additional media outlets. They are onstage at TED, Mensa, large association events, on business or nonprofit boards, and best seller lists.

The common factor: Elite Lawyer Management

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Publicists, Managing Agents and Marketing Exclusively For Exceptional U.S. Lawyers
Elite Lawyer ManagementSM lawyers in New York, California, Texas, Washington DC, and in all 50 states and Canada. As America’s only national legal talent reps we help law firms, however modest in size, evolve into national and international brands. That is how our attorneys in areas like DC, Texas, California, New York, Connecticut, and Florida compete so powerfully in highly competitive legal markets. Our clients: Criminal, Family Law, Tax, Personal Injury, Immigration, Environmental, Business, Real Estate, False Claims Act, Class Action, Products Liability, Civil Rights, Securities, and all other specialties.