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Thought Leader Marketing

Lawyer Authority Development & Thought Leader Marketing

Thought leaders have more power and authority in the legal services market – these lawyers have more influence, attract the best clients or business opportunities, and they make more money. The odds are good they have fun practicing law too.

Our Elite Lawyer Management Thought Leader authority development process helps smart lawyers become high visibility thought leaders in their practice and industry focus area – they have the ultimate law practice development advantage.

Thought leadership marketing is a proven path to phenomenal personal and professional success and our team knows exactly how to make it happen for lawyers and law firms with a specific area of expertise.

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Attorney Thought Leadership: What’s the Definition for Law Firm Marketing?

While there is no one-size-fits-all definition of thought leadership, it’s easy to recognize when an attorney has it. Rather than stress over defining the term as it applies to lawyers and law practices, the better explanation comes from looking at the commonalities among legal professionals perceived as thought leaders in law:

  • Thought leaders are the most successful attorneys in their fields;
  • Thought leaders are the foremost authorities in their focus areas;
  • Thought leaders are go-to experts for media and industry leaders;
  • There is a constant demand for their analysis, opinions, insights, and services; and
  • They earn a multiple of their professional peers’ income.

It’s critical to understand that the foundation of thought leadership is experience and expertise. You don’t need to be the top expert in your field for Elite Lawyer Management to help your brand evolve but you do need to be in the top twenty percent because to develop trust, deliver value, and create credible content – the lifeblood of thought leader development and marketing, you must be very good at what you do.

Our elite team of thought leader development and authority marketing experts know that no two paths on this journey are ever the same, a cookie cutter approach would be ineffective. As managing agents and marketing strategy advisors for America’s best lawyers we create a custom thought leader brand development plan and execution strategy unique to every client.

We Package, Productize & Promote Your Thought Leadership and Authority Brand

Establishing yourself as the go-to expert for clients, speaking bookers, and the media means that you cannot be a “generalized” personality so the Elite Lawyer Management team works with you to focus your knowledge, services, and industry expertise into one or two niches that you can dominate.  This narrow approach to developing your thought leadership platform allows for:

  • Attracting clients based on real credibility and accomplishments;
  • Legal services promotion in carefully targeted verticals;
  • Enhanced professional credibility and reputation;
  • Increased media exposure & invitations to serve as a subject matter expert; and
  • Heightened profile visibility and a unique professional persona.

Ultimately, your well-packaged, professionally branded voice in the media and supporting content marketing are two primary elements of an effective thought leadership platform. Elite Lawyer Management experts work with you to unleash your thinking and writing processes, perform deep dives when exploring your thoughts and opinions, and then leverage our extensive media and PR network to broadcast the results to your target audiences.

Thought leadership for lawyers means being top of mind with clients and prospects, securing invitations to enter inner circles and sought after networks, all while target communities and the media enthusiastically grant you their attention and interest.

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