Elite Lawyer Management is a premium PR (public relations) and legal talent marketing agency representing some of America’s most noteworthy lawyers – all high-authority thought leaders in their focus areas.

Our attorneys excel in these specialties and further differentiate themselves by providing expert legal commentary for national media outlets, authoring intriguing nonfiction books, penning widely-read blogs and other social content, public speaking, and building powerful outreach platforms both online and off.

We develop and promote big attorney brands to maximize their visibility and authority, enabling lawyers to connect with and serve clients who require exceptional counsel. They enjoy their work and it shows in their results.

Our Attorney PR Experts Keep ELM Lawyers in the News

Elite Lawyer Management attorney publicists and law firm PR pros are highly credentialed former journalists adept at winning and managing media attention for attorneys, law firms, and their clients. Press releases and self-aggrandizing pitches just aren’t effective any more while timely, well-packaged stories offered with a highly credible commentator are constantly in demand. ELM lawyer PR experts raise your visibility and expand your outreach by getting you in the news and keeping you there.

In House Literary Agents Help Attorneys Get Published

Elite Lawyer Management publishing agents help new and established attorney authors develop a marketable book concept, title, and pitch package. Americans elevate legitimately published authors to a special status and attorney PR and law firm marketing efforts are even more effective when a lawyer has author status. An attorney author, writing well beyond the unexciting legal publisher model, is a powerful competitor in the marketplace. ELM agents put you on the bestseller track.

Elite’s Premium SEO Campaigns Amplify Online Marketing

Our search marketing experts deliver a premium Search Engine Optimization service to support branding, public relations, content marketing, and other law practice development efforts.

We found that attorneys are frustrated with search engine gurus with online expertise but clueless when it comes to the subtleties and differences among legal practices. As such, Elite Lawyer Management search marketing campaigns and ongoing SEO tools and techniques are designed and implemented by lawyers - specifically for law practices.

Elite SEO and law firm search marketing tools and techniques eliminate the need for PPC and other online advertising. Each campaign is highly customized to your law practice and its leaders. We connect more and better clients with your law firm, not simply web traffic. Effective, measurable online success.

Our Social Media Team Expands Lawyer Outreach & Impact

Elite Lawyer Management social media experts help law firms harness the platform power of social media with an atypical strategy. Our law firm social media outreach delivers real results because it works in strategic parallel with a law firm’s PR, marketing, and attorney branding efforts. The ELM social media team works synergistically with our media relations and marketing staff to help lawyers build a fan community with targeted and well-packaged information; fans become loyal clients.

Our Legal Writers Pool Creates High-Value Content

Valuable online content is a great method for lawyers to demonstrate and market their expertise – our writers, a cadre of professionals with legal, business, scientific, and journalism backgrounds support our clients’ platforms with articles, blog posts, web content, and assist with nonfiction books.

For busy law firms we skip past the overly-SEO’d trivial web content and deliver appropriately insightful, informative, scholarly, entertaining, articles, speeches, scripts, infographics, and slides. Search engines love our unique content and reward our clients with qualified inquiries.

Want to Join the Elite 1% of Lawyers in your Specialty Area?

We combine law firm branding and lawyer marketing with PR, speaker booking, and attorney website development to enhance visibility, credibility, and income for remarkable lawyers. The lawyers we package, publicize, and market attract more and better clients, garner constant referrals, and command the highest fees.

For talented attorneys and exceptional law firms, our unique approach to packaging and productizing legal expertise is an effective path to the profession’s elite.

Connect with us to see what Elite Lawyer Management publicists, agents, and legal talent marketing strategists can do for you: 888.787.2246 or [hidden email]