Public Relations for Law Firm Practice Development

ELM Law Practice PR Pros Win Media Coverage

Americans elevate people and companies in the news to a special status and this is especially true for attorneys and law firms. From Fortune 500 CEOs to families with an injured loved one, when they need legal expertise they don’t look at advertising – they make decisions based on personal referrals and based on what lawyers and law practices are the most visible, in the right places. Studies show that a positive media mention is equivalent to a personal referral in terms of trust. Our public relations team knows how to get attorneys in the media.

Lawyers with a robust portfolio of media coverage attract more and better clients and cases than any competitor – the law practice development benefits are unbeatable. An attorney who provides legal commentary for CNN or Fox, whose expertise is sought by trade publications important to their target prospects, and who is cited in the New York Times attracts quality clients from a broad geographic area.

Elite Lawyer Management PR experts get you in the news and keep you there. We’re not speaking of the Gloria Allred “Look at me” sort of publicity, but rather the high gravitas commentary you hear from Norm Pattis for national outlets on important legal issues of the day. Media attention is the ultimate in practice development for attorneys and law firms and our PR (public relations) experts win that media attention for great lawyers.

Elite’s Media Relations Pros Target Appropriate Media Outlets for Your Law Practice

Our law practice PR experts focus on strategic media coverage, getting you and your practice coverage and placement in the right media outlets to grow your practice and legal reputation. We build your target list of national, regional, and local media outlets for optimal coverage, then our publicists tirelessly pitch, inform, and cajole reporters, bloggers, producers, and bookers to win press coverage for ELM lawyer clients.

Every media relations effort is necessarily different – we focus on legal specialties (and subspecialties) as well as practice and personal strengths of the attorneys we serve. Some examples include:

  • For a criminal lawyer we focus on local press as local visibility and reputation will win the nearby clients that form the base of a typical practice. However, our most impactful PR efforts will be helping win the high profile clients and cases (and making cases high profile) so we can get 60 Minutes, Access Hollywood, Dr. Phil, CNN and the like as well as in the pages of USA Today, New York Times or the Miami Herald. That media puts a criminal lawyer light years ahead of local competition and into the national spotlight which in turn gives them access to high-profile high-profit cases locally and often in other states;
  • For any business lawyer, whether mergers and acquisitions, bank liability, or anything with a commercial tie, our publicists go beyond the local Business Journal and business page of a local newspaper. A Wall St. Journal, Financial Times, or Forbes mention or feature go a long way to validating your expertise and differentiating your practice. Follow that with mentions or placements in specialty publications, e.g. Oil & Gas Monitor, Investment News, Accounting Today and you get very visible very favorably to your target clients.

A one size fits all law firm PR strategy to grow your practice doesn’t work. At Elite Lawyer Management, every client is a unique professional with a distinct legal practice, requiring a custom public relations effort. Judge our publicists and strategy by our clients’ earned media, both quantity and quality. The lawyer on the cover of Fast Company last month isn’t the best IP attorney – she’s the one with the best publicist.

Our Attorney PR and Media Relations Team Differentiators (How We Outperform)

Winning media for lawyers and their law practice is a difficult task requiring expertise and tactics beyond the norm. Press releases are nearly useless these days yet PR people constantly tout their efficacy and otherwise try to justify their efforts. Elite Lawyer Mangement publicists are more effective, defined as getting earned media in legitimate, appropriate, and widely-read or viewed outlets, for our law firm clients. Here’s why our clients are in the news, often:

  • Our media experts each have strong journalism credentials rather than corporate PR experience. This includes a couple of Emmys, multiple bestselling books, an Edward R. Murrow award and literally thousands of on air or in print interviews for some of America’s best regarded media outlets. Former high-end journalists know how to present your story and have the credibility to be taken seriously when they connect with the media;
  • While your competitors are sending press releases touting their expertise and unparalleled law practice excellence, we know that journalists don’t care about you – they care about informing and/or entertaining their audience. That’s all. We put your current news in context with the local or national conversation or create news by identifying a trend or offering a different take on current news or topics then, and only then, we offer you as the expert voice;
  • We don’t present you to the media until you are media trained. The sharp and articulate legal commentators that are the hit of every story or show are much in demand and reporters come back to them time and again. The difference between a qualified legal expert who stumbles and can’t rock right out of the gate and the attorneys who amuse and inform an audience with humility and great timing is media training. We have a reputation for great (media-trained) experts.

There is much more to getting quality press for our clients but an unmatched team of former journalists presenting media trained legal experts as voices of narratives that inform audiences is the foundation. Ask us what media we have won and when and for whom. That’s how you evaluate PR success.

We Know the Bigger Picture – PR Must Enhance Your Reputation & Grow Your Practice

Great press is only valuable if you know how to leverage it to grow your practice and income; otherwise it’s just getting your name in the paper. We have a proven process for converting your earned media into new clients, enhancing your reputation among peers and existing clients, as well as turning your “fifteen minutes” into a lifetime brand.

Media relations for law firms doesn’t, or at least shouldn’t, happen in a vacuum. Everything we do for law firms is part of a synergistic methodology where law firm branding, platform development, content distribution, publishing, online marketing and lawyer PR work together to build your practice, reputation, and income.

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