Reporters – Need a legal expert for an article, news segment, or show? We can help – Fast.

Elite Lawyer Management client lawyers are high credibility specialists available for background, comment, or on-air appearance.

Journalists and producers rely on Elite Lawyer Management expert attorneys for commentary on current news, analysis, opinion, talk radio topics, panel discussions, and often for background source information (unattributed is fine) and explanation. ELM clients also appear as regulars or guests on reality pilots, multi-season shows, and television dramas.

Typical legal expert’s profile

We are managing agents and PR reps for high authority national thought leaders in a wide variety of legal specialties. Here are a few examples:

  • Whistleblower law expert:

    Our whistleblower lawyer is a nationally recognized attorney on the federal whistleblower statute and the SEC, IRS, state laws that offer bounties (awards) to private citizens who blow the whistle on company malfeasance. Former law enforcement, 2016 bestselling book on whistle blowers, noted speaker and record holder for the largest False Claims Act (whistle blower law) settlement in U.S. history. “Reigning king of qui tam (whistle blower lawsuits) actions across the U.S.” – New Haven Register
  • Top 10 U.S. divorce lawyer:

    ELM matrimonial law expert is a high visibility (scores of print and television legal commentaries) high authority thought leader in the divorce arena. New York City based, her new book is set for 2016 launch. 20 years’ divorce law expertise from prenuptial agreements to high net worth divorce litigation. Managing partner of first tier New York City divorce law firm.
  • Other legal experts include:

    Bestselling civil rights lawyer, high profile criminal lawyers, oil & gas expert, mergers & acquisitions, securities law, veterans’ expert, intellectual property attorney, and some two dozen more specialties.

News and other media professionals cite these reasons for their confidence in Elite attorney clients:

  • Media trained

    – All clients on our roster are media trained by an experienced Emmy award-winning news professional with thousands of hours in front of the camera. They develop the art of sharing their expertise with clear explanations, valuable to the specific audience and appropriate for time and format. They know the story is not about them and their goal is to inform (and often entertain) the specific audience.
  • Media experienced

    – Nothing beats experience and our experts appear on air for national, regional and local outlets from New York to Florida, California and everywhere between. FOX, ABC, NBC, CW, CBS, CNN and the rest use ELM as a resource as do print outlets from the New York Times and Wall St. Journal to People, USA Today, US News & World Report and local print media from DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles and the rest.
  • Thought leaders

    – The credibility of a news story and outlet derives to some extent from the authority of the experts their reporters use. Elite Lawyer Management clients are universally considered high-authority thought leaders in their fields as they are: subject matter experts, often published authors (we have multiple best sellers), speakers (our clients are keynoting events from Mensa National Conferences to large business or legal conferences), current or past professional or university level specialist instructors, and most are high visibility, sometimes syndicated, bloggers and/or columnists.
  • Not Divas

    – Many lawyers are seriously full of themselves. Our client acceptance process weeds them out. ELM experts are universally nice and likeable; they understand humility and helpfulness are critical character traits of great lawyers. In our experience, extraordinary lawyers – the elite 1%, are not the self-aggrandizing blowhards that embarrass the profession and hijack a news story. They also understand that it’s a great career policy to help journalists any time they can, whether or not they will be credited for the assist.

If your story requires a high authority legal thought leader, a subject matter specialist who can put things in context, identify trends, and immediately deliver information you can count on – call on us any time. 888.787.2246 or [hidden email]

The ELM client roster includes experts in most legal areas from Divorce to Whistleblower specialists.

Law practice specialties and expertise include:

  • Criminal Law Specialists

    covering white collar crime, gun crimes, marijuana or drug charges, violent felonies and professional misconduct;
  • Divorce – Matrimonial Law Experts

    covering prenupts, divorce, collaborative law, mediation, high conflict matrimonial litigation and celebrity-specific issues;
  • Whistleblower Law Expert lawyers

    including State & Federal False Claims Acts, SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and IRS whistleblowers, Healthcare fraud, government contract fraud;
  • Veterans Issues

    including disability appeals, VA (Veterans Administration) disputes, VA medical malpractice, whistleblowers on government contractor malfeasance or fraudulent disabled veteran enterprises;
  • Civil Rights Lawyers

    including police shootings, police misconduct and all Constitutional law violations and appeals;
  • Lender Liability

    meaning people and companies suing banks for forced defaults, improper commercial foreclosures, failure to honor commitments, civil RICO complaints;
  • Intellectual Property experts, Securities and Investment Fraud, Defective Products & Vehicles, Consumer Class Actions, Elder Law & Nursing Home or Financial Abuse, Investor Fraud, Wrongful Death, Personal Injury, Defective Products, Federal Tax & Offshore Tax Issues.

If you need a highly credible legal specialist in almost any legal field from Criminal Law or Medicare Fraud to Defective Products or Securities Law and across the attorney spectrum, Elite Lawyer Management likely has an expert source for you at no cost – fast turnaround as our PR pros are all former journalists familiar with deadlines.  888.787.2246 or [hidden email]

National Experts & Geographic Diversity – New York to California

Elite Lawyer Management experts typically have national brand recognition and often national, or at least multi-state practices. They are universally the go-to authorities in their specialty area, the professionals lawyers themselves go to when they need specialized legal help.

Our client roster includes lawyers and law firms practicing in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Washington (DC and State), Illinois, Wisconsin and most other states.

We often have statistics and graphics for your story as well as hi-res photos of all clients, online media rooms with professional bios, news clips, video samples, and available review copies of their books plus links to their typically multiple law firm websites.

Recent appearances and commentary include: New York Post, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Houston Chronicle, CNN, FOX, NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC (and many local affiliates), Yahoo News, Google News, Huffington Post, Whistleblower News Review, Healthcare Dive, American Banker, 20+ Business Journals, Today Show, USA Today, Good Morning America, Smart Money, Forbes, Inside Edition, 60 Minutes, Law360, Fortune, Business Week, Glamour and others.

If you are a reporter or producer needing an expert legal source, our high authority attorneys want to help. Media trained, media experienced, thought leaders for your story or show. Call us. We are managing agents for a roster of, by any definition - America’s Best Lawyers: 888.787.2246 or [hidden email]